Things You Should Sell Before Moving To A New Place
By - Janne Paul

Things You Should Sell Before Moving To A New Place

If you are moving to a new place, it is better to sell certain old things. What are those things? We’ll let you know in this post. By selling those unnecessary items, you will be making extra space for the necessary things. Also, you can make some money out of it which you can use in buying packing materials.

There is an amazing video you must see where the uploader has managed to earn a decent sum of $$$ by selling off old things before moving out:

Let’s find out which items you can afford to sell before moving:

Very old appliances

You might be living there in your present home for 10-15 years or more, and now you are needed to move. Just imagine the number of old appliances lined up for you in order to get packed and shipped. Isn’t there any alternative for this Yes, there is one. You should select out those unruly and super old appliances which are in working condition but not in shipping condition.

You can start a garage sale and keep all your old appliances there with a deserving price tag. Make sure to clean the appliances a bit in order to make them presentable at least.

Appliances like an old refrigerator or a microwave oven get outdated every 3-4 years. This is the best time to sell all your old stuff and then, upgrade your new home with brand new appliances.

Used old furniture

Old furniture should better be sold off before moving to a new home. Unless they hold any sentimental value, packing and moving old furniture which is outdated and not going to last very long doesn’t make much sense. You can instead sell them by putting their listings online and generate decent money off it. However, if your old furniture holds a special place in your heart and is needed to be transported, you should better take help from the professionals at for proper packing and moving.

This money can be used to buy modern and brand new furniture. Yes, I know you’ll have to put money from your pocket but hold on a second! Do you really want your new living home to have that faded wooden sofa set? Do you really want to have old patio furniture in your new beautiful backyard? I thought so.

Old and Unused Clothing

Many of us have a lot of those clothes that we don’t use anymore. Have a look at your closet and take out those clothes which do not fit you anymore, or you do not wear them for any reason. No, this doesn’t mean you can count your torn off T-shirts here. Every wearable should be in good condition. If they are not, better to give them away to homeless people.

You can also sell your rarely used towel and linen sets. Bedsheets and pillow covers which you do not want to take with you to your new home, you can sell them off too.